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Proposta assicurativa MiAssicura Servizi Assicurativi 11/09/2016

A transparent azure glass caseback provides a consider the mechanism powering this wrist watch and also the Spitfire-formed automatic rotor, also observed in previous models. Though not strictly new, this is actually the very first time the watch has a brown Santoni calfskin strap in the revered Italian shoemaker. Like all their luxury footwear, the leather employed for this watch bears exactly the same patina which provides the completely new leather a superbly aged look. Consistent with Santoni's trademark orange accents, the timepiece strap features an orange lining. The hands-polished stainless situation dials in the masculine benefit of this 46mm stainless ticker with a notch.


Digital date and month display has been used by IWC pilot replica from as soon as 1885 and it is a convention from the manufacturer. A fast-action switch having a separate energy cache enables the timekeeper to maneuver all digital display dvds concurrently.

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